*What is the BEST way to reach Balloons by Amanda?
Our preferred form of contact is through our online form here. This will allow us to gather the information needed to give you an accurate estimate. If necessary, we can be reached at [email protected]
How far in advance do I need to order?
Orders should be placed as early as possible. Schedule is first come first served basis. We recommend booking a minimum of 2 weeks in advance, as this will help to ensure availability of supplies and staff for your event. (Orders placed less than 7 days in advance may be subject to a rush fee.)
How do I book an event?
Once the details of your order have been decided and availability confirmed, we’ll send you an Invoice & Decorating Agreement to review. You’ll confirm that the information is correct by returning a signed copy of the agreemenet. A 50%, non-refundable booking fee will then hold the date and time of your event. The balance is due 7 business days prior to the scheduled event.
Can you meet me at my venue?
Yes. An on-site consultation is available for a $50 fee. When you decide to place an order, that first on-site fee is credited toward your balloon order, basically making your on-site consultation free of charge.
Can I pick up my order?
Unfortunately, no. We offer balloon décor for delivery only
Do you have a delivery fee?
Yes, travel/delivery fees are based on distance to the delivery location, time of day and size of order.
What is your cancellation policy?
Once your event is booked, that time slot is reserved for you and supplies for your event are ordered. Orders canceled 30 days or more prior to your event are eligible for a credit for your next event equal to monies paid, however no refund will be given. Orders less than 30 days from the event are not eligible for cancellation credit. Refunds are not provided on any orders
Do you remove/clean up the balloons?
Tear down & removal of balloon decor is one of the services we offer for a fee. We will return to the event site and remove the balloons and materials. Some designs require use of nondisposable equipment/framing, making it necessary for us to return to retrieve our equipment. Some designs can be created on “single-use” framework, thus allowing the customer to waive that fee and dispose of the balloons themselves.
How long will balloons last indoors?
Many air filled designs can last a week or more indoors. The longevity of the balloons will depend on the environmental conditions of the space. Untreated 11” helium balloons can float for 8-10 hours, which works great for most events. However, when treated with Ultra HiFloat, these balloons can last several days or more!
How long will balloons last outdoors?
Balloons used outdoors are not guaranteed to last any specific amount of time as the sun, heat, wind, dust, rain, etc., affects the lifespan of the balloons. (outdoor balloon décor in sunny temperatures exceeding 95 degrees Fahrenheit are not recommended)